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Contemporary seminars of the X-ray vision method

A utopia? To penetrate matter! To look inside a human being and recognize brain, skeleton and DNA? No! For 23 years there has been a sophisticated training that brings back your very own abilities, so that you are placed on the level of the present and future time like a child who still has the natural 'seeing and knowing'.

The elementary question is, how can this ingenious knowledge be preserved and developed in the long run in these confused times? And how can people learn how to train their intuition and to enable decisions and actions for their health, family, career and values?

Conclusion: X-RAY VIEW - The chance for all!


"The whole world has been deeply affected. It is unknown how long the chaos will last and what is still to come. But what we do know is that we must continue to offer help to people with the 'X-ray vision training` that has been taught by us first hand in the original since 1998!

If this crazy time shall not be in vain, we have to work together for truth, humanity, freedom as well as the future of our children. And promote the spiritual potentials as well as the individual soul plans!“ Gisa and Daniel, X-ray vision trainer since 1998.

Our help is needed:
- Activation of intuitive perception in order to apply it in everyday life and profession
- Seeing through the physical as well as spiritual structures, in order to maintain health
- To distinguish truths from fakes, through a distinct perceptive ability
- To increase the future competence - holistically and systemically
- To help truth and humanity to break through


Surely you have heard about people with the x-ray view. But certainly not that you as a normal person can learn and apply this methodology.

How is this possible? Assume that you can - like a four year old child - see holistically and still completely unrestricted, into the body, know the truth and share your experience with others without limit. And thus achieve unconditional love on an emotional and physical level - simply because it is pure and true!

What if you, as an adult, had this natural knowledge and perception? And what if you were to rediscover this gift that has only been trained away from you, but continues to exist within you. Would you want this knowing intuition back and use it for the good of all?

Yes? Then we thank you for supporting us here now, because it is of utmost importance that intuition continues to be preserved for mankind!


In order to bring hope and knowledge to you and all people in these difficult times, we are modifying our authentic "x-ray view training" that has been working in the service of humanity since 1998. This high-level perception, which allows you to scan current events and their impact on people, bodies and minds, including information from the environment, can be life-saving in some circumstances.

"A new drug was brought to market by a large research-based pharmaceutical company. Despite all the positive arguments, I received the 'warning` that this drug would have significant side effects. Which was confirmed after some time (a year or two later). The drug had to be taken off the market because of several deaths." Claudia. B. Alternative Practitioner (2016).

Let's ask X-ray doctor and general practitioner Erol Demitras how he could provide good services for his patients with this perception method:

(VIDEO with X-ray doctor and general practitioner Erol Demirtas is coming soon!)

You guessed it! Time is limited. Learn to follow the courage in your heart and your intuition, because somehow you already know what you really want. Everything else is secondary. Stay curious. Stay awake!


What do you think? Is this perceptive ability only innate? Or can it be learned, like other abilities?

We have trained this ability for years with thousands of people - intensively and constantly. And you should know that with the "X-ray view method" you will not only regain your personal access to your knowing intuition, but also to your very own soul plan, which contains your intelligence, given to you by birth.

And now ... imagine you can 'see' into an organ, like the lungs, or into the solid matter of a bone, to observe the molecular structure and blood circulation. Without effort. Without meditation. Without fear. And coming back to the familiar world of now. Seeing in your body - from the bones, to the organs, to the cell, to the DNA - what your health is like, how you maintain it, and what you can best do to support it. Substantial in this crazy time.

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Learn, as well as technicians and craftsmen, to see and know matter, in the car, computer or house! You will recognize the faults and quickly know the solution as well as which spare parts you need. That means, this ingenious method can be used everywhere and immediately!

The method is suitable for:

- physicians, pharmacists, alternative practitioners, therapists, healers
- lawyers, civil servants, managers, bankers, housewife, businessman
- coach, pedagogue, teacher, educator, caregiver, midwife
- building biologist, geologist, civil engineer, farmer
- IT, automotive, electronics, developer, chemist
- mechanic, technician, inventor, tinkerer, retiree

For all those who want to think outside the box!

Now is the best possible time to make training with the "X-ray view method" available to everyone! Because the more people live their authentic future potentials, the better off we all are - and the planet.

"Whoever has knowledge, also reaches his goal." Gisa and Daniel


Hello! We are Gisa and Daniel, trainers of the unique "X-ray view method" since 1998, and we ask you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Gisa: "I have so much to give back! Because I was allowed to experience that it is possible to realign my mind to achieve an almost impossible goal. I experienced my greatest drive after an accident and the terrible diagnosis that I would no longer be able to walk. So I prayed fervently for my mobility. My plea was answered in a very unusual way, as I was suddenly able to see into body and matter and perceive the many disarrangements and then the healing."

Daniel: "That was in 1997. In the beginning I thought that no one but she could do it. Only all of a sudden, interested people, as well as respected physicians and academics, wanted to know this spectacular method and 'see` in body and matter. And it worked. Genius!"

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